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In Large Format Photography a large camera is used with extensive possibilities to adjust the image and with a large negative or
positive sheet of film.

It looks very old-fashioned, but these cameras are still manufactured by firms like Gandolfi, Linhof and Horseman, respectively from
England, Germany and Japan.

It is a slow way of making photographs but has the advantage of producing very high-resolution images.
As an example: a 4x5 inch sheet of film, exposed through a modern lens yields an image of 140 Megapixels (see example),
while an 8x10 inch sheet of film offers 600

Modern digital cameras are not ready for such detail. Apart from the resolution, surfaces and textures are rendered more smoothly
with a large sheet of film, which can be used in expressing an overwhelming sense of realism.

Another advantage is the image control and deliberate action of taking a photograph. It is slow, but when you trip the shutter, you
usually have made many decisions so that in practice the percentage of successful images is very high compared to that when using
a smaller camera.

For detailed discussions of the techniques and results of large format photography, visit
the large format photography forum and
a site on large format camera's

The two large format cameras I use are the Linhof Master Technika 2000(a 4x5 inch camera) and the Gandolfi Variant 8x10.
The focal lengths for the 4x5 camera are 47, 65, 90, 150, 210, 300 and 450 mm. and for the 8x10 camera 150, 240 and 480 mm.
My preferred film is Fuji Provia 100F and Velvia for transparencies and Kodak Tmax 100 for black and white negatives.


Large Format Adjustments

Adjustments in a large format camera

Art Work

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