Purchasing Photographs

The photographs shown on this site can be bought directly from me when they are not presented at an exhibition.

Usually they are printed by a Durst Lambda, which is a process in which digital files are projected on conventional archival photographic paper like Fuji Crystal Archive, which as an estimated wall life of 100 years.

They can be mounted flat on 2 mm. thick acid free board and mounted in a wooden frame with color of your preference and with a passepartout of your preferred color

Also, they can be mounted behind plexiglass of 5 mm thick, which gives an extraordinary high color saturation and contrast due to the lack of several reflective layers. Wall mounting strips are attaced directly to the photograph at the back.

Because of the large format of the transparencies, there is no detectable grain on the photographs, while the colors are rendered in a very smooth way.

Examples of prices:

1) A 60 x 50 cm photograph mounted in a wooden frame of 80 x 60 cm with passerpartout: Euro 400 incl. 19% BTW (VAT)

2) A 80 x 60 cm photograph mounted behind plexiglass of 5 mm thick: Euro 450
incl. 19% BTW (VAT)

3) A 120 x 96 cm photograph mounte behind plexiglass of 5 mm thick: Euro 650
incl. 19% BTW (VAT)

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